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Modern Drones are incredible machines that are capable of doing amazing things in the marine and yachting environment. They can be used to spot schools of fish, locate a mooring or open area in a marina to drop anchor, locate an assigned slip, preview an unspoiled beach or island, locate items or persons that dropped overboard, capture great video and still photos of the boat either at anchor or underway, or even drop safety or other equipment to remote locations. However, Drones need to he handled differently when used in the terrestrial or land use environments, in addition to specific models that are better suited for the marina and yachting environments.

10 Hottest Tips to Run a Racing Drone

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  Drones have totally changed the way youngsters have fun nowadays. They are not interested in cars or bikes anymore. All they want is to have a high-tech powerful drone, learn its various controls including basic functions and advanced maneuvering techniques and then take part in drone racing to test their skills against so many other pilots’ abilities at this art. It is recommended to first gain knowledge on how to participate in such a contest, what the pre-requisites are […]


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Short Guide to Fly A Racing Drone Like A Pro

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  Obstacles in Flying Drones There are several hindrances you may encounter when learning how to fly a drone. They include: · The drone does not stay stable in air. · The drone does not follow commands. · The drone’s movements are jerky. These are just a few of the problems that the new fliers experience when learning how to fly a drone. In order to get the hang of flying a UAV, you must make sure that you know […]

Have More Creative Ideas With These Tech Gadgets

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  The self development and human potential movements are continually evolving and redefining the limits, and indeed the possibilities, that we can all achieve in our own lives. The advent of the internet has helped spread this message. The further developments in technology have provided us all with new and exciting ways to approach our spiritual growth – giving us new tools and new ways to create our lives and to improve our understandings. Creative visualization is a good example […]

Solar cells are the future of unlimited power

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeEYaX82jSE Utility bill tracking and analysis is at the center of rigorous energy management practice. Reliable energy management decisions can be made based upon analysis from an effective utility bill tracking system. From your utility bills you can determine: – whether you are saving energy or increasing your consumption, – which buildings are using too much energy, – whether your energy management efforts are succeeding, – whether there are utility billing or metering errors, and – when usage or metering […]

How to choose your new laptop

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  It’s that time of year again. The summer is winding to a close and that means colder weather, leaves changing their color and schools everywhere are about to open their doors. One thing that a lot of parents (and students) are dreading is that school’s are beginning to require their students own laptops to use in their classes. But fear not, for I have compiled a guide that will make buying the right laptop much easier for you. And […]

Top 10 Best Graphic Design Laptops

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  If you’re a graphic designer, then you might be wondering what the best laptop for graphic design is. This is a question that can be easily answered when you take a look at the laptops hardware, rather than the software installed. The hardware will influence how well the laptop performs when running software programs. Plenty of people tend to choose either Apple or Dell when it comes to notebooks, due to strong brand awareness. They usually employ a lot […]
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